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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Plum Rain Season

We've been getting a steady course of rainfall over here for the past few days. What started as light sprinklings during the day and steady rainfall at night took on typhoon-like proportions Wednesday night. The rain began to pour and the wind blew in causing me to bolt out of bed half awake, and frantically fling myself towards the window slamming it shut. Fortunately not too much damage had been done; the area outside my window was just a little damp.

Today the rains turned torrential. Morning downpours continued intermittently into the evening.

One of my Taiwanese colleagues told me that it's the "plum rain season*."

I imagined "plum rains" being lovely, warm, soft, spring rain drops falling in the afternoon sun, a mist that lingers in the air- not the grey, overcast skies outside my window today, not the relentlessly pounding downpour, nor the thick, impermeable air that leaves one feeling depleted.

Well, I suppose it was plum rain, as in: "It plum rained all day!"

*The plum rain season is a term that originated in China. It occurs from May to June, and is so named because of plum fruit which is harvested at this time of year.


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