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Monday, May 30, 2005

The recent cases of military secrets being leaked to China and Chinese vessels suspiciously entering Taiwan's territorial waters highlight the complexity of Taiwan- who's enemies not only include a belligerent neighbor across the strait, but the enemies at home working to blur the boundaries between Taiwan and China.

In other major news, the May 29 funeral at the Taipei First Municipal Funeral Home for the "Godfather of Taiwan's mafia", Hsu Hai-ching - known as "Mosquito Brother"- attracted about 10,000 gangsters from Hong Kong, Macau and Japan. This caused serious traffic jams in Taipei and managed to inconvenience 50,000 junior high school graduates taking entrance exams for high school.

According to the Taiwan News : To pay tribute to Hsu, the heads of Taiwan's four major gangs- the Bamboo Union, the Four Seas, the Tiendaomeng and the Pine Union- reached an agreement several days ago establishing May 29 as "Truce Day," meaning all gang members were forbidden to fight on the day of Hsu's memorial service.

Somehow, the translation of Hsu's gangster name "Mosquito Brother" just doesn't have same ring as famous mafia tough guy names that come to mind like The Animal, Scarface, The Enforcer, or Mad Dog...

Well, apparently Hsu was also known as "The Final Arbitrator."


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