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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Well, now that Taiwan's media machine has latched onto the latest shocking bit of news- the discovery of cyanide laced energy drinks- perhaps some good will come of it.

There has been mass coverage on related stories- warning people to inspect convenience store bought drinks, telling the public how to detect if drinks have been tampered. Plastic caps should be checked to see if they have been twisted apart from their security rings, once opened- if the drink has a seal, check so see if it's intact, straw holes of drink boxes should be checked for punctures and ensured to be airtight- when lightly squeezing the carton, no air or liquid should escape.

A complimentary bottle of water offered in five star hotel room, was discovered to contain not only water but an unidentified alcoholic substance. The hotel admitted that it did not remove or replace complimentary bottles of water if they appeared to be unused after a guest checked out. The "unused" bottles of water were left in the room for the next guest to use.

Actually, I'm not sure if all this reporting is helpful (as in creating awareness) or harmful (as in creating alarmist reactions).


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