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Friday, May 27, 2005

Cyanide Poisonings Solved

The energy drink cyanide poisoner has confessed after being found. The full report is here in the Taipei Times .

Now if they could just do something about the ATM card PIN thefts that are rife, serial kidnappers at large, telephone scams involving credit card theft and bank account transfers, identity theft, and...

Okay, okay one thing at a time. But one does wonder- if the police were able to so swiftly solve this case, and the case of Chu Mu-yen (Taiwan's taekwondo gold medalist) being bribed - what about all of the above crimes, which sadly are so commonplace. The Chu Mu-yen case began in late April and was only reported on by the media in early May.

To cynics it seems like higher profile cases get priority. They are relentlessly reported on by the media, so when such cases are solved, overblown accolades are touted, there's the rush of glory and accomplishment. Leaving...

The public
Blinded by it all
All is well and
All else is forgotten
Reactionary and short-sighted
A modus operandi


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