Writer's Block

The USA is the place I was born. Canada is the place I was raised. Taiwan is the place in my heart.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It's always nice to be noticed for one's beauty, especially at the most unsuspecting times... like tonight as I walked out of the subway casually dressed, with no makeup on, bundled up in a thick sweater jacket, in my rubber rain boots. I turned as I heard someone say "Sweetie, you're gorgeous"- in a simple sincere way. I smiled and told him that he just made my day.

Just as much as that made me feel good, I also realize that it is what it is. A passing acknowledgment... for what? I relish these moments, but also know that one day I will "loose my looks", age and such sweet comments will become less and less frequent. But what value is there really in them? I'd rather be admired for my accomplishments, achievements or contributions.

I try not to take it too seriously, or let it go to my head.