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Friday, January 04, 2008

What's in a kiss?

Everything or nothing at all.

The first kiss is so telling. I personally put a lot of stock in the first kiss. I believe that once you kiss, you know if it's there or not. You feel it... and sometimes you don't feel a thing.

You also know if you want to kiss someone, and you know if you don't. That certainly says a lot doesn't it?

But then again if you're not sure about someone, a kiss, that one kiss could answer some questions.

To kiss or not to kiss? What are the rules?

Having said the above, I realize that I don't follow "the rules." Kissing sometimes just happens. It is not necessarily planned, calculated or a choice. It sometimes happens at a moment in time when it just feels right, in the most unexpected situations, with the most unexpected people.

Other times, the choice not to kiss is way to just stay in the safe, gray area.