Writer's Block

The USA is the place I was born. Canada is the place I was raised. Taiwan is the place in my heart.

Monday, October 14, 2002

As I sit in the Vancouver airport (enroute back to Kaohsiung) typing this... I feel completely utterly exhausted, my mind and body are equally numb. I'm in a haze. But all I need to do is look out the window out towards the glimmering mountains that seem to envelope the airport, early this morning. The sun warms the sky renewing and awaking all forms of life. And I feel at peace.

This is my second trip to Canada in about a month's time and this trip was only for 4 days to attend my sister's wedding in Vancouver.

It's been a difficult month since I returned from Canada and the States to Kaohsiung in early September. So much has happened. During my September trip to Canada I was fortunate enough to care for and see my grandmother in what turned out to be her last week of life. And I spent a whirlwind weekend in New York city- there's never enough time to ever entirely enjoy New York, because it is NEW YORK! but also because having lived there over 6 years, there are so many dear friends to catch up with there.

Upon my return to Kaohsiung (in September), I began a new semester of teaching English at the college with twice as many hours this semester. When an old friend came down to visit me in Kaohsiung, we made up for 5 years of lost time in 8 hours. Then my grandmother passed away 3 days after I'd returned to Taiwan. Said goodbye one of my friends in Taiwan who's lived in Taipei for 7 years+. And my sister got married in Canada this past weekend. So, I'm on my way back to Taiwan again as I write this! I haven't felt much like writing recently because I've been so taxed emotionally and mentally with all that's happened and been occupying my time. That's not to say I don't have plenty to say or write, but that I've got to back post some thoughts, which I'm determined to do in the next week or so. Check back on me in a week or two.