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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friendship and Loyalty

Many people believe that our friends should be loyal to us. But what exactly does that mean? Should we expect our friends to be unconditionally loyal and to always side with us no matter what?

What if your friend has a completely different opinion and take on something from you? And they are frustrated that you are not taking their advice, but you are frustrated that she is not seeing things your way, agreeing with you or siding with you.

Just because your friend doesn't share your view of things- does that mean she is not siding with you? Maybe she really believes that she is trying to protect your interests, and is giving you the best advice she can from her particular point of view.

What should we expect from our friends? Can we just accept that there are some situations in which, though they stick to their opinions- that put them at odds with you- they are ultimately just being true to themselves? And wouldn't you want your friend to be true to herself?

Could a friendship survive this and what would be left of it afterwards?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In friendships and relationships, there comes a point in time in which we let people into our lives and put our trust in them.

How is it that we come to put our trust in someone? Is it a blind leap of faith? Is trust earned? How is it earned? Do we ever really know for sure if we can trust that person and if they will come through for us in our times of need? Will they do what's best for us then the time comes? Will they do things with our best interest in mind?

Perhaps we will never know until faced with some formidable dilemma where the stakes are high. Then we will see what people are made of.