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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Even more disturbing

Got back from Korea today and Kaohsiung Boy passed along this article from the Apple Daily News, a publication which I'm sure many would agree is best described as being of the National Enquirer variety. Here's the article which gives a phony account of what happened at Dreams Club last Thursday, March 30:

Unfortunately my Chinese reading ability is still quite not up to par, so according to Kaohsiung Boy the article says:

A foreigner named Thomas was at the DREAMS pub last night, when an incident occurred around 1:50am. Thomas was grinding up against a hot-chick and subsquently irritated her male companion which resulted in the beating up of Thomas. When the police arrived, he was suffering from heavy bruises on his chest, face and arms and other parts of his body. His shirt was ripped off during the beating by the 2 to 3 people that took him outside and beat him up. Because he can't speak Chinese well, he was cussing when the cops arrived.

The American in Kimen is still M.I.A. No one has heard from him or been able to reach him since last Friday.


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