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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What did I do on this the last day of February 2-28?

I had the a day off. I didn't attend any somber memorials or do anything to especially commemorate the occasion. It's certainly not that I'm not mindful of the significance of 2-28, a day that symbolized the reign of terror and string of murders committed on tens of thousands of innocent Taiwanese.

I woke up late, and spent the entire afternoon with "S" running a long overdue errand, gorging ourselves on all you can eat barbecue, while catching up on our stories of life and love, having our girl chat, bargain shopping and finally, taking in the last day of the Lantern Festival on the banks of the Love River- continuing this "annual tradition" that "S" and I have.

2-28 need not be a dark day of mourning, as "S" put it, "Why can't we see it as a day to celebrate?" I agree, we should celebrate it as the day the Taiwanese decided to stand up for themselves, to stand up against the corruption, to stand up and fight for themselves... a day to celebrate all that we have for the sacrifices made by those who have died and suffered in the name of social justice.

Lanterns by the side of the Love River

The hourly water light show

More water light show action

One of the many dog theme lanterns of course in this Year of the Dog

The hourly fireworks show

More fireworks


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