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Monday, January 23, 2006

Just back last Thursday evening from my latest trip to Taipei- the "appetizer" of my winter vacation travels- as my friend C so affectionately called it.

I could have, I should have looked into this on Friday, but I waited until today (Monday) to contact the Indian Embassy up in Taipei about applying for a visa. So I've lost one day, one day in which I could have gotten my visa processed sooner. Even still, if I'd gotten the forms all filled out on Friday, I not sure if I would have been able to courier up the papers to Taipei from Kaohsiung until Monday anyhow.

The Indian Embassy emailed me the visa application forms earlier today. Tomorrow I'm going to have to arrange to have them couriered up from Kaohsiung to Taipei. I need to get this all done by Friday because I'm cutting it pretty close to the notorious Lunar New Year holiday. This year's Lunar New Year's eve is on Saturday the 28th. So starting January 27th, businesses will close for 5-7 days. And I'm slated to leave February 3rd!


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