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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Second chances?

Do we get second chances at love?

As a love optimist I want to believe that this is possible. That as they say, there will be a second chance for people who are "meant to be together."

Well before there can even be a second chance with a good chance of success for a couple, I think a few things need to happen:

Sufficient time needs to have passed so that each person has completely let go of the relationship and any hopes or expectations attached to the relationship. And, that in that time each person has to have been able to work on him/herself- understanding and dealing with his/her own issues, and focusing on improving him/herself. I think that the odds would also be better if the first split was relatively amicable i.e. there were no lingering misunderstandings or hurt feelings. And of course, hopefully both sides would be ready and want the same things in the relationship the second time around.


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