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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New York New York

In New York, there are definitely those "die hard New Yorkers"- people who may or may not be native New Yorkers- who say they are addicted to New York and could never imagine living anywhere else. Although I have always said that I don't necessarily have my heart set on living in New York for the rest of my life, I have actually lived here a pretty LONG time- since around the mid-90s, excluding my 6 years in Taiwan (2001-2007), so I've lived in New York for nearly 10 years in all.

I do love New York. There's always an endless number of things to do and experience. I've built a new network of friends, I am comfortable here (I no longer get lost in the lower east side or chinatown) and I'm good at being a New Yorker. I love the energy, the pace, the glamor, the diversity, the convenience, and the raw ambition in the air. I guess that there has never been anything, any opportunity, or anyone (dare I say) that has made me feel compelled to move.

Why would I ever consider living anywhere else?

I dream of having a large kitchen- since I love to cook and I'd like to have more space to entertain- since I love hosting dinner parties and social gatherings... and that to me means having a house.

New York is not necessarily the center of the universe, though it can certainly sometimes feel that way. But there are always lots of options in life, different lifestyles to experience with new opportunities and possibilities.


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