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Saturday, February 24, 2007

I've decided to fast for the day today. It just seemed imperative after a month long vacation- which was full of all the excesses that one should be able to indulge in when it comes to a vacation. There was plenty of rest and relaxation, a little too much eating, lots of shopping but too little exercise to tip the imbalance. Does shopping for 3-6 hours a day count as exercise? When I'm back in the States I always feel like there's a tendency to overeat since the portions are so large and there's always something else yummy to try or that I've missed eating.

My first week of vacation in Mexico was complete relaxation- thank you very much! In bed by 11pm, definitely before midnight, and up at 6-7am everyday for an entire week... that ladies and gentlemen is no small feat for an incurable night owl such as myself! But what else is there to do when you're staying at a resort by the beach, with hammocks on the front porch, and no telephone, no television or internet access in your room? It was family time, time for walks into town, walks along the beach, 7 dives with my sister and her husband (the most notable of which was the surreal experience of diving in two Cenotes), there were visits to the local Mayan ruins (with my parents, sister and her husband), and of course we shopped and dined.

The next three weeks in Los Angeles and San Francisco were what really did me in. Every meal seemed like an indulgence, especially those fully loaded "breakfasts" of waffles, pancakes, breakfast burritos etc. The "problem" is that breakfast is not necessarily the first meal of the day- it's the meal that's available at anytime of the day! There were visits to the In-N-Out Burger, Krispy Creme, an entire day of eating and imbibing in Napa valley (which included dinner at the Culinary Institute of America's Greystone's, where we shared the largest chocolate souffle that I have ever seen!), diner food (which is available practically 24-7), the monstrous portions of BJ's, all you can eat Korean BBQ, Brazilian meat night, a Lunar New Year dinner banquet, cheesecakes, chocolate and oh so many other indulgences! I am full just thinking about it. Well, sure there was plenty of great food, but it was every bit as much about spending time catching up old friends, because somehow most social gatherings manage to get centered around some sort of meal.

It's been awhile since I've fasted. Should do the body some good, I imagine some sort of cleansing of toxins and excess as I only drink water today. I'm thinking of reading up on how to detoxify the body through fasting.

One unexpected positive "side effect" of fasting today is that keeping myself away from the distraction of food has made me focused and productive, which is just what I need as I tackle some projects that I've vowed make some progress on in these next few months.


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