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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Wedding Dress

At long last, after searching high and low, having tried on more than one on for size, she had found THE ONE, the ONE for her at long last.

She had found the perfect dress- elegant, strapless, A-line, delicately embroidered, and beaded. It was perfect. It complemented her figure and highlighted her delicate shoulders and bone structure.

THE dress hung in the wedding store waiting for its first fitting and alterations before doing its duty on the glorious day.

Days and months passed and it seemed to have been forgotten.

A year later it remained unclaimed.

There had been heartache and pain, then revelations, forgiveness and growth.

Years later she imagines it- pure, pristine, and untouched, frozen in time. Though she never claimed it or wore it, she remembers loving it. She still does. It is a timeless memory etched in her mind that now makes her smile.


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