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Thursday, July 07, 2005

A stop in the U.S. en route to Canada

It's a pretty sad thing when I realize that I've started chronologizing major life events and travels in the context of terrorism and tragic events of recent years, but I couldn't help it when...

Not long after landing in Newark Airport for a layover en route to Ottawa, on the night of July 7, 2005 I heard about the London attacks. Unsurpisingly, this roused memories of September 11, 2001. At the time I heard about 9-11, I had just relocated to Kaohsiung after spending 2 dizzying months in Taipei. When I heard the news, I was alone in a new city without any friends, family or support to to speak of.

Click here for my retrospective comments on 9-11 (posted December 16, 2003).

In October 2002, I was in British Columbia attending my sister's wedding when I heard about the Bali bombings.

During the aftermath of the tsunami disaster, in December 2004, I was up in Taipei to celebrate the coming of the new year.

When I heard about the March 11, 2004 Madrid bombings, I wasn't out of town or doing anything especially notable ...


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