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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Today I discovered a clever little way for Taiwanese all around the world to show their pride- from the Formosan Association of Public Affairs, Young Professional Group

Why wear this green wristband?

It’s got the wealth, an identity, and even a vibrant democracy envied by many. But Taiwan is a country with its rights and recognition being stripped away, a sovereign nation isolated by its hostile neighbor, China.

When the TAIWANATION wristband idea was pitched, the response from FAPA YPG was overwhelming. Many creative slogans were brought up and discussed, and nearly all YPG members lent their support.

In the following months, the enthusiasm continued to spread in the USA, and eventually the people of Taiwan responded.

Just the other day, Cindy Chen, one of the most prominent YPG Steering Committee members, received an email from a 12-year-old boy in Taiwan, requesting instructions on how to purchase the wristband. That is just one of many stories that have touched us.

Some may wonder how we came up with the slogan TAIWANATION.

The FAPA YPG Steering Committee first chose three candidates from a pool of 15 submissions. Then the YPG members selected TAIWANATION to be the final winner through a voting process. The slogan was created and submitted by YPG member John Fan.

In his own words, John said the juxtaposition of Taiwan and Nation invites questions and discussions of Taiwan’s statehood.

To some, the word may sound provocative. But to many of us, it’s just a statement of truth—Taiwan is an independent country, and there’s no doubt about it.

We believe that by wearing this wristband, you can help empower the Taiwanese people to stand up, dream big, and fight for Taiwan's de jure independence.

By wearing this wristband, you can also show the world that our pride is unanimous when it comes to the status of our nation.

We ask you to help Taiwan gain the international recognition it deserves. We hope one day that the 23 million people on the island can live in a world free of terrorist threats from China.


To order TAIWANATION wristbands click here.


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