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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Off to a running start

A few hours after arriving at my friend's upper eastside apartment from La Guardia airport, I found myself sprinting like a true New Yorker from the upscale Equinox gym along Madison Avenue to Central Park.

10-15 diehard gym goers ran along the sidewalks of Manhattan, past doorman buildings and upscale boutiques closing up for the day. Our intense cardiovascular training took us through The Park's tunnels and up its hills, around the Bethesda fountain, past horse-drawn carriages and gawking onlookers. One annoying, eccentric bystander actually mocked us by making clucking noises as we did tricep dips off the base of Bethesda fountain. Oh how very "New York" it is to encounter such randomly outspoken, uncouth individuals and for all of us to just ignore him.

In true urban form we finished off by doing dips and pushups off of the park benches and the truly hardcore attempted pullups off of the arm of pedestrian traffic light boxes- all under the watchful eye of our "boot camp sergeant" Eric.

After a sprint back to the gym we'd be back to the mundane.


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