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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

While I was gone... it looks like they caught the Taiwan "unabomber"! Or as the English newspapers have named him- the "rice bomber." Somehow "rice bomber" doesn't sound quite as menacing as unabomber . The rice bomber is so named because over the past year, he has being leaving explosives with a packet of rice and a note at various locations around Taipei. No one has been hurt by any of the rice bomber's bombs.

I didn't even know that this guy was running around Taiwan- it wasn't reported on much in the English newspapers here. Apparently the man was turned in by his brother and confessed Friday morning .

The police are still not sure if the rice bomber acted alone or if more than one person was involved.

The rice bomber has been described as a misguided modern day robin hood who was protesting that imported rice has caused the price of locally grown rice to drop, especially since Taiwan's entry into the WTO. There isn't any clear evidence of this or that rice farmers have been negatively impacted as a result.


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