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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Just what is the point of this website: www.sorryeverybody.com ? What purpose does it serve? What are these people trying to accomplish? While I’m definitely not a conservative in my views and understand why some people may have qualms about the reelection of Bush, I can’t help but think that this website is a joke- what’s up with all of these Americans apologizing to the world for Bush’s reelection?

Are these people really so in need of approval of the global community, to be loved by everybody? Wake up, this is the real world, America is a superpower and there’s no way to please everyone. You can’t be everyone’s best friend.

They are even accepting donations at this site- which are going to be used to maintain the site or given to “charity.” To what “charity” I ask and for what purpose or use?

How about a site that stimulates some constructive discussion on real issues that Americans need to deal with?

I do realize that as the one superpower in the world today, the 2004 US Presidential elections have been closely watched by the citizens of the world and has been said to be an election that will affect the entire world. The citizens of the world are heaping a great deal of responsibility on the American people for the election outcome. And it does seem like the overwhelming response (by people around the world) to Bush’s reelection has been negative.

The vast majority of American people are just average people who have cast their votes for their own reasons which may or may not have been due to a globally driven perspective- this is something that we will never really know for sure. What drives a person’s decision to vote? It all depends on a person’s perspective, big picture, and priorities.

Some may have felt that the incumbent has been doing a good job protecting America and the world from terrorists- cynics will ask are they just reacting to scare tactics? Or perhaps they simply believe that the current global state of affairs requires a firm, decisive action, superceding domestic issues. Then there are those more domestically focused, who truly feel that the declining morals and values of American society have to be reformed. To many, Kerry just didn’t seem to stand firmly enough on any issues. It wasn’t enough to vote for Kerry just to oust Bush.

Some wonder how America’s responsibility as a superpower should be best managed and are concerned by growing anti-Americanism. Domestically, the conservative forces seem to be of concern since Roe vs. Wade and the issue of gay marriage are now under attack.

Questions about vote counting procedures and touch screen voting machines are looming. And some are disturbed by the Bush administration’s declaration that the election results constitute a "mandate" for Bush's second term.

Then there’s the current state of America’s economy.

This is of course, by no means an exhaustive analysis of all the issues in the US Presidential election, but just some food for thought….


  • At 11/15/2004 5:04 PM, Blogger Nonimal said…

    Yes, in Ireland, the US presidential election got more coverage than any before. The consensus is that there was little to chose.
    You might call us cynics but a lot of people here believe the Bush camp did it by frightening and misinforming people. If there had been an inspirational alternative Americans could have been easily pulled in another direction.
    The current joke, doing the email rounds here is - "Whats the difference between Vietnam and Iraq?..... George Bush had a plan to get out of Vietnam".
    Anyway, your stuff about Taiwan has been very interesting, I'm going there next year - so your insights on it have been fascinating to me. All the best!


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