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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Cocky Rooster

This morning I was on the bus enroute to meet my friend for a day of scuba diving. When I called to check in with her, I was disappointed to learn that our instructor had cancelled due to heavy rain in Kenting the night before. That meant that the visibility today would be poor. Fortunately, the bus had stopped at an intermediate stop just after the main bus station so I slipped away unnoticed, figuring I could perhaps use the fare for another day. As I ran hastily onto the sidewalk, I felt a scrape on my leg- at first I thought that maybe I had stepped into some trash or something in my haste. When I looked behind me, I saw a rooster (!) strutting on the sidewalk. I had been pecked by him! He wasn't yielding any of his territory and seeing that he was hot on my trail I jumped a little and ran back into the street. I couldn't help but laugh at myself since under more "normal" circumstances (like on a farm) the situation would be reversed. Only in Kaohsiung or southern Taiwan...


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