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Monday, August 05, 2002

I haven't had access to my own computer for about a week now. I do have access to the internet through another computer but I feel rather unsettled not having use of my computer, i.e. full access to my files. Two weekends ago, I happily purchased a CD burner and promptly came home to install the software. Oddly enough my computer wasn't able to read any CDs and then I discovered- it didn't even recognize the CD rom drive! My computer has been on the fritz for the past while. I should have known that something like this was bound to happen sooner or later... It seems that my computer has been taking progressively longer and longer to boot up and the operating system has been extremely unstable as of late... with it freezing up on me when I try to multitask.

So, last week, one of my friends , "J" who loves to tinker with computers kindly agreed to take a look at my computer and to basically strip off all of the software, backup my files and reinstall Windows 2000 professional on my computer, hoping to improve the stability of the operating system and to solve the problem with my CD rom drive. She asked me some basic questions about my computer: How long have I had it? What kinds of problems have I had with it? What was the nature of those problems? Had I had a problem with the CD rom drive before? Yes I had. In fact, when I first bought the computer it wouldn't read any CDs, so I couldn't even install Windows. Fortunately, I had a friend's friend who's some kind of computer wiz fix that problem. J mentioned that it would be nice to know what exactly the problem had been and how it had been remedied. She also recommended that I periodically clean up and reorganize my files so that my operating system would run more smoothly and efficiently.

In the midst of all this questioning I felt like I was giving a medical history of sorts. And then it occurred to me that so many things, namely, inanimate objects, do indeed have "medical histories" or "personalities", that are vestigates of human usage. Do you need to jiggle the handle or door knob to your house or room "just so" or to pull or push the knob in a particular fashion in order to open the door to your apartment? Do you have a favorite CD that has one particular favorite track that's been worn out from being overplayed? Ever notice what parts of the soles or heels of your shoes always wear out first or in which knee a hole first appears in your favorite pair of jeans? The fragile cover of a favorite, old, well-read novel? One of my friends' apartments in New York had such charming quirks. She declared that the light in her kitchen had a personality of its own. The light did not immediately turn on upon a flick of the switch.... Once switch was flicked, it took its time, readying itself for its long task at hand, slowly flickering on occasion and at first dim, then finally as if a fruit ripe for picking, the light gently became fully lit.

Charming as these personifications may be, I don't find such similar flaws quite so endearing when it comes my computer. A computer is supposed to make our lives more efficient and convenient for G----'s sake!

My friend wasn't able to figure out what the problem with my CD rom drive is and I don't think that my computer is in much better working order now. Now I'm going to have to take it back to the manufacturer to fix the CD rom drive and as luck would have it- my one year warranty just ran out! What a pain in the #$@%* !


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