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Friday, July 19, 2002

Lately, the most mundane things have been evoking sweet memories of my dear friends in New York. As I walked home the other day, I reminisced about the ease with which I used to get together with my friends in New York on only a moment’s notice. And I thought especially fondly of my friends who lived in the same neighborhood as me, only a few blocks away and I relished the memories of our impromptu meetings for a drink at the bar around the corner, our walks in the neighborhood and our conversations which were always warm, comforting, and thought provoking whether they took place at the corner dive or at a hidden gem of an eatery.

Even as I washed the dishes later that day, I was transported back to memories of my gracious friends with whom I have dined with impromptu in their home over a simple home-cooked meal. The beauty of domesticity, and the love, support and respect that I felt with my friends washed over me. I’m thankful for having all of the wonderful friends that I have (not only in New York of course) and hope that we all stay in touch because I feel like I’m loosing grip. I really miss my dear friends. I have been feeling rather out of touch lately…


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