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Saturday, July 13, 2002

This entry’s for you Tim…

When I go to the gym I’m there for a serious workout. The last thing I want to do is socialize when I’m all hot sweaty and feeling rather unattractive… even the way that I dress indicates this. I wear very comfortable practical workout clothes. You will rarely see me in trendy tight, midriff-bearing workout clothes. I love fashion, but I just can’t be bothered with it when I work out. My friends who know me to be a clothes horse would be surprised to see how I present myself at the gym.

In general, the people in Taiwan just don’t work out with the same fervor as people in North America. Going to the gym is a relatively new trend. The women barely break a sweat and dress in the latest figure hugging two-piece workout ensembles. Going to the gym is more for a show than anything else it seems, but admittedly most of them do look pretty cute in their color coordinated outfits. Many of the women in Taiwan are really quite slim.

I think that one of the reasons people don’t workout vigorously enough to break a sweat, is that they already sweat so much over the course of a day from the sweltering temperatures outside. The unbearably hot weather takes its toll on you. Walking about or just going in and out of the humidity over the course of a day when going from place to place tires you out. The last thing you’d want to do at the end of the day, beginning of the day, or middle of the day is- workout or sweat even more! For me, working out is a necessity to maintain your health, like proper nutrition, sleep, and brushing your teeth. Since I can’t easily go for a run outside-it’s too #$@*! hot and polluted- I rely on working out in the gym.

When I’m there I’m focused. It’s no time to socialize or parade myself around. There’s plenty of time for that outside of the gym… don’t mess with me when I’m working out! But seriously, I’m just griping because it all too often happens that I’m busy concentrating on my workout when some clueless person new to the gym comes up to me asking me for instructions on how to use the treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical machine… effectively interrupting the flow of my workout- causing me to slowdown, in order to give instructions in my piece meal Taiwanese and/or Chinese while taking very deep breaths….

Ok I know that's sounds a little harsh- I don't go biting anyone's head off or anything because I realize this often happens not only because the person is clueless, but unable to read the English instructions or button labels. So I always remember to exercise patience with them. After all, I've seen much more clueless people in New York-who don't have language as an excuse- not knowing how to use gym equipment properly...


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