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Monday, March 17, 2003

Today I was enjoying one of my regular quiet workouts at my gym. Usually there are less than 10 people there at a time, so there's never any waiting for treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, stairmasters or nautilus equipment. The gym is located on the 40th floor; three rows of cardiovascular equipment face the wall-to-wall windows overlooking downtown Kaohsiung, so I often look forward to the lovely view. There's something soothing and motivating about looking out into the clear blue sky and watching the movement of clouds while running on the treadmill and staring out to see birds flying about in "V" formation. As I did my 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, I heard what I initially thought were intermittent voices coming from the jumpy volume of the television sets placed throughout the gym. No, that couldn't be it... it sounded more like someone with Tourette's syndrome. I heard loud random hollers and an occasional yell, then energetic exclamations, Yeah! Woo! Woo! punctuated the air. I looked behind me and saw no one was there. I looked in front of me at the two women chatting and pedaling leisurely on stationary bikes. No, the voice I had heard had been a male one. In the front row of treadmills, directly in front of the windows, I spotted a thin man jogging gingerly while sporting a headset. Again the sporadic, disjointed calls: Oh! Oh! Yeah! The two women looked at each other then at the jogging man and giggled quietly. Apparently the lone jogger was singing or responding to music that he was listening to over his headset and was oblivious to the confusion and amusement that he had aroused.


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