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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Sometimes I wonder if the intensity of a romantic relationship (especially at the outset) is inversely related to the longevity of the relationship. In other words, the more intense a relationship starts out, the more quickly it's likely to crash and burn. Maybe it's that being the humans that we are, we can only sustain such heady, intense relationships for so long. It can be crippling, exhausting, mind numbing and consuming to be involved in a relationship that requires it's own babysitter for the hours long conversations, moment by moment drama and intrigue. Once the chase is over and the mystique has been unveiled, reality sets in and if there's nothing left to stand on, the relationship dissolves. Or perhaps it's just too draining and people go through relationship burn out... or it's the way of the universe in equalizing things. Relationships are hard work and if we want one that lasts we must be able to endure and put effort into working on it over a span of time, but if we spend so much time and energy on a relationship in the beginning perhaps we've met our quota for a lifetime. Ever feel like a short, intense relationship took a chunk of time out of your life- one that's more than you're willing to admit? Looking back on it can seem like an embarassing waste of time and energy, but I'd rather see it as a personal experience that has contributed to who a person is and where they are today.


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