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Monday, September 16, 2002

One man's opinion on the whole Pinyin debate I wrote about back in July:

I was reading your blog about Tongyong Pinyin and noticed a few things about it applications to Holo while researching this topic.

1) the g/k sound in Holo is represented either as a "q" or "gh" in Tonyong Pinyin
2) the b/m sound in Holo is represented either as a "v" or "bh" in Tonyong Pinyin
3) the nasal sound in Holo is represented either as a superscript "n" or "nn" in Tongyong Pinyin
4) the vowels are a, i, u, e, o, or

This is already being tough in elementary schools in Taiwan. No Holo sounds are lost with these additional symbols. Likewise, there are additional symbols for Hakka as well to fully represent that language.

I have studied Lomaji ans have found that it is very counterintuitive for English speakers. All the consonants are different and this creates a huge barrier to learning, reading and writing. The same can be said on why Tonyong Pinyin is superior to Hanyu Pinyin with its q's and x's.

Okay, I stand corrected. I didn't know that Tongyong Pinyin had provisions for these Holo Taiwanese sounds.

Actually this comment is from a friend of mine. Thanks for your 2 cents! It's nice to know that people are paying attention or reading up on my blog!


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