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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Oh Glory!

At last the sun is back out again for the first time in days since the temperature here dropped by more than 10 degrees centigrade. I know it may seem odd to be complaining about the cold weather over here in Kaohsiung, but when the temperature suddenly drops by ten degrees (from the mid-20's to above 10) in less than twenty 24 hours, you notice. And you also begin to notice that most buildings are poorly insulated, have drafty, single pane glass windows and no central heat.

Having the sun out in full force is what made those harsh, long, cold winters in Canada seem bearable. Clear blue skies, cold crisp air, traces of breath hang in the air, and the warmth of the sun kisses my cheeks through the window of my parents' car. Outside- blinding, bright whiteness, reflecting off all whiteness, vast and soft, awakening the senses.

The source of all life, slowly melts away the layers, reminding us that was lies beneath is dormant not dead.


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